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Rebel Angel Designs welcomes the challenge of designing beautiful, unique book covers for authors. The cover of your book is the very first impression a potential reader gets about what’s inside. I strive to make all my cover designs intriguing and eye-catching enough to entice the reader to want to take the next step and read your synopsis and then buy your book!

I do my very best to design covers that are unique in today’s market.

Custom Covers ~ start at $60 USD     pricing info below

Once you have decided to purchase a custom cover from Rebel Angel Designs the process will go something like this:

*First you will contact me via email regarding the project you have in mind. At that time I will email you a cover description form to fill out and return to me. You will be asked specifics about characters, genre, setting and content. It is very important to fill out the entire form with as much detail as possible. You may also include your synopsis and/or excerpt if available. The more information I can receive from you, the better the insight I have in producing a cover that fits your story.  

**When returning the description form I will also require a down payment to be paid via pay-pal. This may be up to one half of the anticipated total price. Balance will be due upon completion of your cover. All covers will contain a water mark until final purchase has been made.

*Also include any pending publication/release dates. This will determine whether or not I can meet your time frame requirements. When your cover will be complete depends on a variety of factors. The amount of time a cover design takes varies depending on how complex the design is. Almost all covers use multiple images and require manipulation of these images. The length of time to make an incredible cover depends on how much is needed in both areas. Another factor is the number of clients and their deadlines who may be ahead of you. My schedule varies, so always check with me before thinking I may be too busy to fit you in : )
*Prices will be based on the amount of time needed to work solely on your project, as well as the cost of special images I may need to purchase in order to design the custom cover of your dreams. Although I have a large base of images I have already purchased, sometimes a writer has a very specific idea in mind that may result in me purchasing additional images. In that case I will send you a water marked image prior to my purchasing the image to make sure it works with what you have in mind. That way I will not be purchasing images you don’t like unnecessarily and thereby keeping the cost down for you. You yourself may look through various stock image sites and purchase images on your own. However, if you decide to do this, please talk to me first so that you purchase the correct size/pixels etc. needed for me to work with of the image you love. Not all sizes will work.

*Then using the information you have provided I will start to create a mock-up of your cover. This first draft will then be emailed to you for your input. At that time you will either love it, maybe ask me to make minor changes, or scrap it altogether. I am happy to make changes if necessary so that you are completely satisfied, however asking for an extreme number of repeated changes may result in extra fees. You will be made aware of any extra fees prior to you reaching that point.
*If you do not like the first mock-up I will start from scratch taking into consideration things that you may have liked from the previous draft, or things you absolutely hated. Feel free to make suggestions, this is your cover and your input counts! If it comes to the point of a third complete redo of a mock-up cover, you will accrue extra charges to be discussed with you at that time.

*Once you are completely satisfied I will send you the finalized cover in the size(s) you request.

**Balance of amount due will need to be made and transaction completed prior to you receiving your final copy of your cover.
**NOTE: eBook covers are not suitable for use as print book covers ~ including POD paperbacks. If you need a cover that can be used for both paperback & eBook please advise me of this when you initially contact me. There will be an extra charge for print book covers.

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