Premade Covers

Pre-made Covers ~ start for as little as $20 USD and go up to $50 USD

If you have decided on a pre-made cover the process is pretty simple. You will contact me via email, stating which cover design you are interested in purchasing. I will then insert your name and the title of your book. I am willing to make any changes to the font or text, as well as small changes to meet your requirements at no additional cost to you. If you ask for changes beyond that, depending on the extent I may charge an additional fee for which you would be made aware of immediately so you can decide if the additional charge will still fall in the parameters of your budget.

You will be sent a water marked copy of your cover for final approval. If you approve and wish to purchase the cover, then the payment transaction will take place via pay-pal.

**Payment for Pre-made covers needs to be paid in full

Once payment has been received and the transaction is complete you will be emailed your cover. I will then immediately remove your cover from my sites and it will not be resold or duplicated.  

**NOTE: eBook covers are not suitable for use as print book covers ~ including POD paperbacks. If you need a cover that can be used for both paperback & eBook please advise me of this when you initially contact me. There will be an extra charge for print book covers.

Available for Immediate Purchase…

Please go to the official Rebel Angel Designs Website to see all the latest covers 

Just a few teaser examples…








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