I had been looking all over for a new cover artist that could meet our high demand needs. Not only did Rebel Angel Designs come through with fabulous covers, but they came through in a timely manner and at a price that I could afford. The best part of my experience next to how awesome the covers were, was their willingness to listen to what we wanted and took the time to work to meet our needs. Would I use them again? You bet I will...again and again.

Dawn Binkley,
Executive Editor of Hellfire Publishing

I can’t say that I don’t love all of my covers….BUT…I was blown away when I saw the creation that Rebel Angel Designs had done for the cover of the 3rd book in my Bloodbreeder series. I knew just what I wanted but feared that no one would be able to give it to me…and I have never been one to put up much of an argument. I still cannot believe this cover artist hit it on the nail! She listened and read the form and you can go to her portfolio page and see my cover…That is just what I had in my mind—only better! It fits the story in the series as if she had read the book prior to book 3, and book 3 is just now fixing to be released. Like I said, it just blew me away.

I, Robin Renee Ray, will never go with another cover artist!!! When you find one who can see past the writing on the form and work with the thoughts of the author then you better stick and stick as long as you can.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart RAD…You have a #1 Fan and I am it!

Big Hugs~
Robin Renee Ray

Being an indie author, I found out how expensive it can be to achieve my dream of being a published author. Rebel Angel Designs made that dream come true without breaking my bank account! I was extremely pleased to find a designer who gave me a high quality book cover at a VERY affordable price. I was so happy that, I have also used RAD for all of my promotional needs as well. They are very easy to work with, got back to me right away and far exceeded my expectations.

I will use no one else for my covers or my promotional materials. I love Rebel Angel Designs and highly recommend them!

Savannah Rayne ~ author and satisfied customer

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