Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Rebel Angel Designs ~

Rebel Angel Designs was founded on the principles of providing new, as well as seasoned authors, with quality book covers and promotional materials at an affordable price. Most writers soon realize the incredible cost of purchasing the means to enter the publishing arena in hopes of reaching their life-long dream.

Here at Rebel Angel Designs it is my goal to help you achieve just that.  I understand with the ever rising cost of living and meeting financial responsibilities, most writers are left with a very small (if any at all) budget for purchasing a cover design and often can’t afford the cover design they really want. Throw in any thoughts of buying promotional materials, and some may be left with difficult choice and feeling defeated before they even begin.

That’s where Rebel Angel Designs may be able to help you. I would like to provide you with the means to not only lure a potential reader of your work with a unique, eye-catching book cover, but also help you in being able to acquire the promotional materials needed to help you spread the word and reach your target audience about your written work.

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